The label on a bottle of wine is an integral part of the product, it supports the personality of the wine and strengthens its image of quality. In fact, as Chiara Vigo says in the wonderful book “Arte e wine – l'etichetta d'autore come immagine del gusto”, or Art and Wine: The Designer Label:

"The wine label takes on the key role of marketing tool, by offering a presentation of the product and a guarantee to the consumer: basically, it becomes the means by which the wine communicates with the consumer."

In addition to other quotations, the book contains a particularly significant one by Raoul Normand of the Mission du Patrimoine Ethnologique who claims:

“The elegance of the bottle and the label testify to the quality of the wine and the skill of the producer. In just a few words, and at most an illustration, the label must tell the story of the production of the wine and the region it comes from. This is how sales promotion, thanks to the magic of graphics and images, becomes an invitation to taste the product”.

And it’s no coincidence that Chiara Vigo continues:

"The graphics of a winery’s products strongly contribute to defining its image as a whole: a producer who is attentive to the graphics of their labels communicates an image of high quality, which tends to tie the public to it with a relationship of mutual trust. The attention shown to every detail of the graphic composition suggests that the same care has been used in producing the wines: so, the label becomes a symbol of the quality of the product..."

This particular care that wine producers must take in clothing the bottle, which contains the effort of all their attention in producing their nectar, obliges those who work in the wine labelling sector to have a great deal of experience which must be gained in the field, in years of work, attention and professional growth, not only in the knowledge of all types of printing, but also, and perhaps above all, familiarity in working with self-adhesive materials. In recent years, in fact, we can find an infinite range of self-adhesive materials, ranging from the traditional to the more imaginative, from the technical to those requiring demanding working conditions to those that, together with the brilliance of the graphics and the right kind of printing, provide the perfect combination for the best possible presentation of the product to the consumer who today, more than ever, is particularly attentive to even the most seemingly insignificant detail.

Posted on 10/24/2017 Silca Consiglia 9370