Labels and
special processes

We are always experimenting new solutions to make our work special: our constant research always aims to give more personality and character to your products.

  • Printed tissue paper for food and drink packaging, such as bottles of wine, sparkling wine, liqueurs, beers, confectionary. Or to package different products:  Shirts, stockings, knitwear, underwear, etc. Tissue paper can be printed in one colour and clothes the product while giving a touch of class and elegance to the package.
  • This is the perfect tool to allow you to include additional information to promote your products. Or to simply insert texts in different languages, in compliance with international legislation on product distribution.
  • QR Codes store information (text, telephone numbers, vCards, e-mails or URLs), which can be read using a mobile phone or a smartphone. When the QR code is captured, the smartphone reads the information it contains. QR codes can be printed on wine labels, as well as all the other labels we produce.