Consultancy for overprinting and coding solutions

silca etichette autoadesive

The self-adhesive label has become an essential tool in new automation, handling and distribution processes. It accompanies the most varied products, so much so that it is the main means of communication for most of them; it allows immediate identification; regulates logistics, warehousing and transport of goods; it describes content, making for easier choices and improving images.

Our team’s vast experience allows us to offer ourselves as the ideal partner in identifying the correct application, including for processing in critical environments, or for articles requiring a high-quality image, or those with a top quality specification and high standard of supply, for all these reasons we offer the customer:

Design and
project planning

  • Corporate brands and logos
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic coordination


  • Self-adhesive labels: on reels, sheets, for CED, package labels, multi-page labels, in all materials
  • Wine labels
  • Transfers on reels and in multi-coloured sheets in all possible solutions
  • Thermal transfer printing ribbons
  • Graphic processing

Consultancy and supplies

We offer consultancy and commercial supply by agency for products like:

  • Printers for heat transfer labels
  • Labellers and automatic applicators for industry
  • Labellers for the food and drink, cosmetic and chemical industries.